Dr. Fu

Hong Fu (傅弘), PhD

Area of Specialty

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning with Healthcare Applications


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Ph.D, Information Technology, 2003 – 2007

Xi’an Jiaotong University

M.Eng, Information Technology, 2000 – 2003 (Outstanding graduate)

B.Eng, Information Technology, 1996 – 2000 (Outstanding graduate)

B.Mgt,  Marketing (Double degree) , 1996 – 2000

Present Academic Postion

Assoicate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Chu Hai College of Higher Education


1. Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  1. Z. Chen, H. Fu, W. L. Lo and Z. Chi, “Strabismus Recognition Using Eye-tracking Data and Convolutional Neural Networks””, accepted by Journal of Healthcare Engineering, 2018. (corresponding author)
  2. R. Li, B. Li, P. Zhang, H. Fu, W. L. Lo, J. Yu, C. H. P. Sit and D. Wen, “Evaluation of the Fine Motor Skills of Children with DCD using the Digitalized Visual-motor Tracking System”, accepted by Journal of Engineering, 2018. (corresponding author)
  3. Z. Chen, H. Fu, B. Xu, W. L. Lo and Z. Chi, “An Eye-tracking Aided Digital System for Strabismus Diagnosis”, Healthcare Technology Letters, Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2018, p. 1 – 6. (corresponding author)
  4. J. Chen, Z. Chen, Z. Chi and H. Fu, “Facial Expression Recognition in Video with Multiple Feature Fusion”, IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, Vol. 9, Issue.1, pp. 38-50, 2018. .
  5. S. Y. Li, B. G. Xu, H. Fu, X. M. Tao and Z. Chi, “A two-scale attention model for intelligent evaluation of yarn surface qualities with computer vision”, The Journal of The Textile Institute, pp 1-15, 31 Aug 2017.
  6. J. Chen, Z. Chi, and H. Fu, “A New Framework with Multiple Tasks for Detecting and Locating Pain Events in Video,” Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Vol. 155, pp. 113–123, 2017.
  7. J. Chen, Q. Ou, Z. Chi, and H. Fu, “Smile Detection in the Wild with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks,” Machine Vision and Applications, Vol. 28, pp. 173, 2017. doi:10.1007/s00138-016-0817-z.
  8. H. Fu, Y. Wei, F. Camastra, P. Arico, and H. Sheng, “Advances in Eye Tracking Technology: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications,” Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, Vol. 2016, Article ID 7831469, 2 pages, 2016. doi:10.1155/2016/7831469
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  19. H. Fu and Z. Chi, “Combined thresholding and neural network approach for vein pattern extraction from leaf images,” IEE Proceedings – Vision, Image & Signal Processing, Vol. 153, No. 6, pp. 881-892, December 2006.
  20. H. Fu, Z. Chi, and D. Feng, “Object popping-out and characterization based on the human visual mechanism,” International Journal of Information Technology, Vol. 12, No. 5, pp. 56-64, 2006.


H. Fu, S. Y. Li, B. Li and W. L. Lo, A digital method, device and system for strabismus diagnosis, Chinese Patent Application, No.: 201710612349.4, 2017

2. Professional Activities

Lead Guest Editor Special issue on “Advances in Eye Tracking Technology: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications”, Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience



Program Committee DSP 2017 (22nd International Conference on Digital Signal Processing)
Technical Committee The 2017 International Conference on Computing Intelligence and Information System [CIIS2017]
Technical Committee 2016 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetic, the SMC Junior 2016


Technical Committee PATTERNS 2016
Technical Committee The First International Conference on Advances in Computation, Communications and Services, Spain, 2016
Reviewer IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy System, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE’s Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Pattern Recognition, Pattern Recognition Letters, Journal of Electronic Imaging

3. External Funded Research Projects:

(1) Automatic stimulus and synchronous pupil-iris-head tracking for intelligent assessment of strabismus: principle, algorithm and system, Principle Investigator, FDS RGC Hong Kong, 2018-2020 HK$655,600

(2) Digitalized Assessment of Developmental Coordination Disorder with Integrated Eye-Motion Tracking Technology: System and Algorithms, Principle Investigator, FDS RGC Hong Kong, 2017~2019, HK$ 1,035,675

(3) Eye-tracking Aided Digital System for Intelligent Strabismus Diagnosis and Therapy Training: Principle and Prototype, Principle Investigator, FDS RGC Hong Kong, 2014~2107, HK$ 952,430

(4) Research on Overcomplete Sparse Decomposition Based Hyperspectral Image Super Resolution, Co-Investigator, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2013~2105, ¥240,000.

(5) Development of Virtual Reality Teaching Tools for Science and Engineering Education, Co-Investigator, QESS, 2017~2019, HK$ 1,778,000

(6) A visual platform for the design, implementation, and analysis of collaborative business simulation games, Co-Investigator, QESS, 2015~2018, HK$ 6,600,140, 2015

4. Awards

(1)    Outstanding Research Award, Chu Hai College of Higher Education, 2017.

(2)    Excellent paper, the 2016 9th International Conference on Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering (ICACTE 2016), Hong Kong, August 19-21, 2016.

Winning paper: “Eye-tracking Aided Digital Training System for Strabismus Therapy”.

Authors: Z. Liang, H. Fu, B. Xu and W. L. Lo

(3)    Second Runner-Up Award, Emotion Recognition In The Wild Challenge, 16th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, Turkey, November 2014

Winning paper: “Emotion Recognition in the Wild with Feature Fusion and Multiple Kernel Learning”.

Authors: Mr JunKai Chen, Dr Zenghai Chen, Dr Zheru Chi and Dr Hong Fu

(4)    Best short paper, Eye Tracking Research and Applications 2010 (ETRA2010)

Winning paper: “Content-based Image Retrieval Using a Combination of Visual Features and Eye Tracking Data”.

Authors: Z. Liang, H. Fu, Y. Zhang, Z. Chi, and D. Feng,

(5)    Best short paper, Eye Tracking Research and Applications 2010 (ETRA2010)

Winning paper: “Eye Movement as an Interaction Mechanism for Relevance Feedback in a Content-Based Image Retrieval System” .

Authors: Y. Zhang, H. Fu, Z. Liang, Z. Chi, and D. Feng,


Elective subjects in Computer Science

CSC163 Multimedia Information System

CSC171 Image Processing

CSC156 Computer Graphics

CSC167 Neural Networks

CSC179 Computer Vision and Applications

CSC185 Digital Signal Processing

Core subjects in Computer Science

CSC152 Algorithm and Complexity

CS131 Computer Architecture

CSC132 Digital Systems

Fundamental subjects in computing and mathematics

CSC110 Introduction to Computing

MAT103A Calculus I

MAT108B Physics II

CSC23 Probability and Statistics

ABA102 Business Statistics

BBA213 Business Calculus

BBA114 Business Mathematics