Department of Computer Science, Chu Hai College of Higher Education

Aims of the Programme
This programme provides students with advanced theoretical and practical computer science knowledge and skills, enabling them to develop sophisticated computer systems for the IT environment of the commercial and industrial sectors. Our students should also possess a strong sense of social commitment, global vision and independent self-learning ability. Our students are equipped with the ability to develop their personal and professional prospects, keeping in pace with the rapid progress of the technology in computer science. The programme also prepares the students to pursue further postgraduate education and research.
Objectives of the Programme
The objectives of the programme are to provide students with knowledge of major disciplines in Computer Science. In particular, students are equipped with:

  • Thorough knowledge of general fundamental science
  • Language proficiency, interpersonal communication skill, strong sense of social commitment and professional ethics, independent ability and organization of thought to solve and analyse abstract and complex problems
  • Ability to develop sophisticated computer systems based on a thorough knowledge of database design, software engineering, Internet systems, network and communication technologies and computer architectures.
  • Thorough knowledge of areas related to the advanced computer science technology such as E-commerce, computer and network security, data warehousing, data mining, multimedia systems, distributed systems and intelligent computing.